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Ideas for Packing Lunch for Kids – Daycare / School Goers

With a fast paced and hectic life that people have adopted, it seems very difficult to pay attention towards the health and food of the kids who remain out of their homes for seven to eight hours.

It is must for every parent to watch what their children eat while they are out of their homes. As kids are very fussy over food, they need to be given something very interesting and healthy everyday in their lunch boxes. Although children do not understand the need for healthy foods, it is the parent’s way of providing them great recipes for kid’s lunch box that make them healthy and fit.

Food is the basic necessity in the growing years and this is the age when kids don’t like most of the foods that we provide them. That is why it becomes difficult and sometimes very stressful to give the children healthy foods for the lunch box. However, there are ways that many mothers and fathers have come out with.

Healthy lunch box

Healthy snacks recipe for kids can comprise of cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruits that can be prepared the way your children like it. Simple changes like adding cheese, ketchups and other interesting sauces to the vegetables can make a very interesting lunch box. You can also add fruits (which are hated by kids) to the lunch box by preparing custard, fruit pudding, or cook them with sugar and cream or add it to yogurt.

What should be avoided?

Kids don’t like the same food stuff that mom’s give in their lunch boxes, which makes it complicated as moms too have a job to go to and the time is less. A little preparation a night earlier can make a big difference. Biscuits, bread, cakes or pastries should be avoided in the tiffin boxes. These are not healthy although they are cheap and can be bought easily. They do not contain nutrients and children simply become fat and increase their calorie intake.

Interesting recipes

Although it is easy to preach about good food, it is not so easy considering the likes and dislikes of the children. Yet there are a few foods that children love which can be prepared in various ways so that the child eats it and is happy about it. Most of the children love pancakes, which can be made with mixed flour of different cereals and by adding cooked vegetables of their choice and their favorite tomato sauce or ketchups.

Kids tiffin recipe can also include sandwiches which are made of cereals or mixed cereals. Although it is not recommended for daily lunch, it can be a great change for children. You can add cheese, mayonnaise, butter and different vegetables cut into very thin slices so that children do not get irritated. You can also make egg sandwich or chicken sandwich as well. Indian food has a lot of variety and with little innovation; lots can be done within no time.
So what your picky eater would love is something that he loves. But a lunch box should contain everything. Make the food attractive by arranging food in an attractive manner, with lots of color and decoration. Salads should be placed in a very attractive manner.



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