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“Start it early”, is what the experts have to tell the parents when it comes to educating their kids on sex. Kids have a natural curiosity about the changes in their bodies while they are growing. Once they are six years old, they tend to take a keen interest in the opposite sex. Parents should be open to discuss about sex with their kids at this age. Starting the topic early can help you to overcome many embarrassing questions. Open communication about sex education helps and younger kids open up to parents and ask parents about their doubts regarding sex.

Sex education at home

Home is the most secured place for kids, and parents are the most loved persons. They believe and respect them and that is why it would be right for kids to get the sex education from the home itself. Instead of getting knowledge from an unknown person, or someone the child does not trust, the child should be educated by the parents as it is a sensitive topic.

Parents find it embarrassing or difficult to talk to their kids about sex. Although it is true and awkward to most of the parents, it is necessary too. Remember, your child is growing and might get wrong information from the sources like the schoolyard or the TV, where fantasy is projected that imbibe wrong impressions on an impressionable mind. With the increasing crime rate and rising wrong doings of kids, a need for sex education among growing kids has been felt in all the levels of society.

Increasing activities like child abuse and rape among kids is a growing concern for parents as these kids do not know the difference between a “good touch” and a “bad touch”.  Frank and straight forward answers should be provided to those inquisitive minds. As children are in the school and many times in the company of strangers, it is vital that they know how they should behave with strangers. Explain the term ‘touch’ in a language that the kids will understand. Any sex related question from your kids, should be answered with the appropriate answer that your children can understand.

Addressing sex education

Taking into consideration all these facts that affect the society, more and more parents and teachers have adopted a positive approach towards sex education. Parents should have a natural approach to the subject and should begin with a formal chat. The kid should be told all about pregnancies, menstruations, abortion, homosexuality and reproduction. These subjects should be made clear to the kids as they are not spoken in general and a kid will not get the right information that he needs to know. Many times kids do have some questions that parents should answer without shouting at them or closing the topic. The kids may find misleading answers from the internet and other sources, endorse the subject in the wrong way. Parents should also consult the doctor and the teacher if they do not know about certain things which are biological and need perfect answers.

It is not an easy task, teens are also extremely sensitive persons, they might not like to discuss with parents, yet you can be friendly and open the topic with frequent and light discussions.

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