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These days most parents are looking out for excellent educational institutes for their children. All they want is to have their child to mould well both in curricular as well as co-curricular activities. Navi Mumbai, known as one of the largest planned cities in the country vouches for best educational institutes.

If we run through the Navi Mumbai schools list, you can come across some of the best schools, which are not just doing well in the city alone but are set up in different parts of the country as well. Delhi public school (DPS) nestled in Nerul, Navi Mumbai offers one of the best educational platforms for the child. The school takes care of the child’s holistic development, and offers studies and fun. On the same lines, you will find DAV Public School, a school that lives up to its reputation of meeting the global standards and offering an integrated approach.

The best schools in Navi Mumbai are using high-end teaching methodologies that help the students enjoy their learning experience. By bringing innovative teaching methods, schools are able to cater to all the needs of the students, which will help them in developing and enhancing their overall personality. DAV International School, Harmony International School and Sanjivani International School offer a child centric learning environment. They have created a place that is safe for students and lets them learn with fun activities.

If you are looking for schools with either CBSC or ICSE board, the top schools in Navi Mumbai will definitely fulfil your criteria. There are many schools that follow either of these boards and parents who are particular of sending their children to the top school offering excellence in education and activities; it is not very difficult to narrow down the search. Navi Mumbai over the course of time has come up with some of the finest schools. You can check out Vashi English High School, or even St. Lawrence High School. Each of these schools in Navi Mumbai offer good infrastructure. What students take back from these schools is a lifelong learning experience. As mentioned earlier, the primary aim of some of the schools in Navi Mumbai is to offer something more than just education. Keeping in mind the emotional growth of the children, most of the school authorities and administration bring holistic form of development.

Apeejay School is one of the oldest schools in the region. A school known for coming up with out of the box innovative methods of teaching, this is definitely one of the best schools in the region. They have a unique science park with gadgets and machines. This helps the enthusiastic kids to learn something; it may be a bit boring to read in books but quite interesting to experience it happening in front of their eyes.

Navi Mumbai has such an amazing collection of schools; the list at times might seem endless. However, out of the top schools in Navi Mumbai being addressed here, it is hard to miss out on an equally good school called top ten schools in Navi Mumbai is Tilak International School. A school known for its social engagement and diversity, Tilak International School is definitely a right choice for your children.

Last addition to Navi Mumbai schools list is Ryan International School at Kharghar. This school brings active participation from both parents and children. This is one of the very few institutions that encourage a lot of parent participation. For parents who feel they are not aware of what is being done and addressed in schools, they will never have such complaints with Ryan International School. Moreover, the debates, seminars and research work done by the students in this school are mind-blowing, they follow a wonderful and unique educational philosophy and students are seen enjoying themselves whenever they at school.

Schools in this part of the city have always impressed people from different states too. Parents who are looking for excellent educational institutions that can lay a perfect foundation for their children are more than willing to send their kids to the finest schools in Navi Mumbai.

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  • Schools in Mumbai affiliated to the ICSE board have a primary objective of making their students well versed in the English language from a very young age with the help of visual aids, projects, presentations and well-stocked libraries.

  • Paul:

    Most parents assume incorrectly that the bigger schools are in existence for a positive reason and that it must be because of teaching style or maybe the school is progressive or there are some special courses. It is possible, however, that this is because International School are owned corporations keen on cutting costs and making money.

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