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Some Simple Yet Effective Fancy Dress Ideas for All

Yes the whole year will fall short if we take a look at the days we have to dress up for some occasion or the other. Adults and kids alike have to dress up for all kind of events. But the most loved one by all is the fancy dress event! Indian fancy dress events are very colorful and enjoyable at various occasions.

A fancy dress event primarily needs ideas, which should be unique, easy and kid friendly. Next comes the costume which needs to be assembled for that particular idea. Accessories follow next. All this makes it very interesting for the kids who love fancy dress and start preparing well in advance. The fancy dress costumes for kids in India can be fun as the country has diverse culture and tradition that come with diverse costumes and clothes to choose from.

Let us check out some fancy dress ideas for kids. But before we begin, it is very important to ask the kid if he/she is interesting in that particular role or the idea. If they do not like it, they won’t perform. So ensure that your idea is loved by the kids.

1. Go green: yes green is the color of modern world and your kid will learn to protect the earth with the message. Dress them up like a tree, flower or plant, which can be fun. The headpiece can be made of flowers and the body with brown paper or cardboard. Flowers can be made with different colors.

2. Fruit theme: tiny tots look cute in a fruit costume. It may be a banana, apple, pineapple etc. Tiny kids get lots of praises for this. The whole body can be made with paper and cardboard or even cloth and the headpiece with a leaf.

3. Profession: older kids can dress up like a doctor, businessman, astronaut, sweeper, hawker, fish seller, vegetable seller, etc. One can get costumes from the shops that sell or rent clothes for fancy dress competitions.

4. Regional costumes: India has several states that have different costumes. These regional costumes can become the fancy dress costumes for kids.

5. Role play: kids will love to play Superman, Tarzan, and Batman and enact like them. Some other role play may include cricketer, soldier, pirate, beggar, ghost, joker, prince or princess, angle etc. Kids will love to dress up like Jawaharlal Nehru, Gandhiji, Shivaji Maharaj, Mother Teresa and Mogul kings.

6. Animals or birds or cartoon: all kids love animals, therefore, one can dress up like a cat, butterfly, peacock, zebra, crow, or Mickey mouse, mermaid, Tweety etc.

7. God and Goddesses: one can easily dress up like Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Mahadev, Lord Ganesh or Goddess Laxmi, Parvati, Durga, Kalimata etc. They can also use the accessories like the Gods hold in the hands like flute for Lord Krishna, bow and arrow for Lord Ram, neck accessories for Lord Mahadev and other accessories.

Kid’s fancy dress ideas are plenty and they look very attractive and cute. You have to get unique ideas that are inspirational that can be used in daily life. Messages should be given verbally or written on a board so that children take it to the stage with them.

You can make the experience educative and fun for your kid and others as well.

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