postheadericon How the Court’s Verdict will affect your Kid’s Nursery School Admission?

Nursery admissions season is here and it’s here with something more than just admissions. The ‘point system’, a point based admission process is on the verge of extinction and ‘lottery system’ is seen as an alternative. There is hue and cry from Parents and private schools at large. They are claiming that the change in system of nursery admission will make the admissions more complex. It was in 2011 that ‘point system’ was introduced and child scored points based on various parameters one of which is the distance of the school from child’s residence. 20-40% points were awarded on the basis of distance i.e., preference will be given to a child who lives near to the school in which he is getting admitted.

As the Delhi High court has halted the admission process for the 2013-14 academic sessions, private schools as well as parents are going to suffer. Many city schools in New Delhi had already started the admission process and many were in the process of verifying documents of applicants. At the same time many parents are sad because they were confident about their child’s admission based on “point system” admission process and now are in dilemma about their child’s admission.

A sharp contrast seems to have erupted. The Right to Education (RTE) Act gives right to every child between six to fourteen years to get free and compulsory education and today we have the High Court halting admission process in schools. It seems like there is a grand state of confusion at New Delhi, the birthplace of RTE. Perhaps, there is a feeling that children below age of six do not require ‘free and compulsory education’.

I have often observed over the years, how getting a child admitted into a Nursery school in metro city like Delhi has become a tougher job. I am little confused that whether we are having lesser number of schools or children are larger in numbers queuing for admissions. Though, many private nursery schools seem to have opened in cities, but they haven’t been able to satisfy the growing demand.

I do favour the ‘point system’ for admitting a child. It is quite fair to award points on the basis of parameters like ‘distance’, but the ‘lottery system’; I don’t think it is fair. As a parent what do you feel? I understand that there is a lot of autonomy to school in the former system which is good for the school and the child. If a child can attend a nearby Nursery school then what’s wrong in it? In lottery system there are chances that a child may get eliminated from studying at his neighbouring school which will be highly disappointing for the parents and also might be economically costlier to send child to a farther school. I have experienced how parents are uncomfortable sending their child in a bus to school located many kilometres away.

I believe whatever shall be the verdict of Delhi High Court; it will be reasonable and justice-oriented. I expect that it is declared early so that the confusion and frustration subsides that has built around various stakeholders like parents, school principals, school management team and teachers.

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