postheadericon Checklist to Prepare Your Kid for His/Her First Day in School


New session of Primary schools is starting soon. Many schools in Navi Mumbai have declared their school admission results; others will also do it by the end of February. You as a parent must be very excited and also tensed. You must be remembering the days when you first went to school, cried a lot when your parents left you alone and then a caring teacher helped you wipe your tears until you settled yourself in the classroom.

As you enthusiastically prepare for your child’s first day in school; this checklist will inform and guide you in your journey towards making your kid’s first day in school a joyous experience for you and your child as well.

Here we go…

  • Familiarize your child about school before the first day. Tell them story about ‘what school is like’. Highlight on things like ‘how wonderful it is to be at school’, ‘making new friends’, ‘drawing and colouring’ and ‘singing and dancing’.
  • In order to familiarize the school setting to your child prior to the first day, take him/ her to the school and let him/ her spend some time there.
  • Get a proper tiffin box, water bottle and stationery.
  • Check out and note down the daily schedule of the school.
  • Calculate school distance and time required to travel; this will help your child to be at school in time and also saving you time.
  • Check out the school bus schedule and decide your preparation accordingly.
  • Make a plan for how you are going to send your child to school. Accompany him or her to school on the school bus the first day.
  • Ensure that you have kept your home and work contact numbers in his backpack.
  • Introduce yourself to at least one teacher of your child.
  • Mention about allergies (if any) of the child to the class teacher and also fill the emergency contact form.

We wish that the first day in school will help your child experience the beautiful beginning of ‘learning’ journey.

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