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postheadericon Celebrating Holi: Tips on ‘How to help your Kid celebrate Holi?’

Holi hai…” Festival of colours is around the corner. Neighbourhood shops have started stocking synthetic and herbal colours, water balloons and other water sprinkling toys and apparatus. Malls in cities are also planning to attract customers by designing colour games, contest and prizes. After-all, holi is going to be a perfect holiday for kids.

Most of us, as adults, are aware that we should be very careful while using colours during holi. At the same time, it is necessary that we also teach our kids on ‘how to celebrate holi’.

Television, newspapers and radios often announce about the disadvantage of using synthetic colours during Holi and ask to celebrate Holi in a safe manner. Are you giving heed to the advices of media? Can our young kids learn from the media? We as parents and elders must help our kids learn about the celebration and how to celebrate in a joyous and safe manner.

Following points will guide you on how to celebrate holi with kids:

• Where and how: Young kids cannot decide on things like ‘where to celebrate and with whom?’ You should ensure that you are by their side when they are playing with colors. The best thing can be that you tell a story to your kid on ‘why do we celebrate holi’. There is lot of information about Holi available on the internet on the topic of ‘holi celebration’. Telling a story to your child will make him/ her aware about the celebration.

• Beware of pets: It can be risky, if your kid splashes/ sprinkles coloured water on dogs and cats. The pets may take revenge. So, instruct your child not to target the pets with water sprinklers. Inform your child about the consequences.

• Choosing colours: As a parent, you must be aware, these days colours available in the market have many harmful chemicals mixed in it. For young kids, it is not safe to celebrate holi with these chemically strong colours. It can be very sensitive on child’s tender skin. You can make some natural colour at home or buy some herbal colours from market

• Going outside: It is suggested that kid shouldn’t go outside of their homes during Holi. Strangers may splash colours on your child which might have negative impacts. If, your child asks you to take him/ her outside of home, escort to nearest park or to your neighbours and let him celebrate with his friends.

As you plan to celebrate Holi, tell us about your ideas or tips on ‘how to help kids enjoy the festival of colours at home?’ Do you support the idea of taking your child outside of home during Holi?