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postheadericon Play Schools in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai

So, your tiny tot is now ready to go to a play school. But, you, as a mother, is very nervous about finding a good play school and that is obvious!

While choosing a play school, always consider the ones that are in your vicinity. So, in case of any emergency, you can easily reach there.

1. Kidz Kompaany

2. Bright Sparks

postheadericon Celebrating Holi: Tips on ‘How to help your Kid celebrate Holi?’

holi kids

Holi hai…” Festival of colours is around the corner. Neighbourhood shops have started stocking synthetic and herbal colours, water balloons and other water sprinkling toys and apparatus. Malls in cities are also planning to attract customers by designing colour games, contest and prizes. After-all, holi is going to be a perfect holiday for kids.

Most of us, as adults, are aware that we should be very careful while using colours during holi. At the same time, it is necessary that we also teach our kids on ‘how to celebrate holi’.

Television, newspapers and radios often announce about the disadvantage of using synthetic colours during Holi and ask to celebrate Holi in a safe manner. Are you giving heed to the advices of media? Can our …» Continue Reading: Celebrating Holi: Tips on ‘How to help your Kid celebrate Holi?’

postheadericon Checklist to Prepare Your Kid for His/Her First Day in School


New session of Primary schools is starting soon. Many schools in Navi Mumbai have declared their school admission results; others will also do it by the end of February. You as a parent must be very excited and also tensed. You must be remembering the days when you first went to school, cried a lot when your parents left you alone and then a caring teacher helped you wipe your tears until you settled yourself in the classroom.

As you enthusiastically prepare for your child’s first day in school; this checklist will inform and guide you in your journey towards making your kid’s first day in school a joyous experience for you and your child as well.

Here we go…

Familiarize your child about school …» Continue Reading: Checklist to Prepare Your Kid for His/Her First Day in School

postheadericon How the Court’s Verdict will affect your Kid’s Nursery School Admission?

Nursery admissions season is here and it’s here with something more than just admissions. The ‘point system’, a point based admission process is on the verge of extinction and ‘lottery system’ is seen as an alternative. There is hue and cry from Parents and private schools at large. They are claiming that the change in system of nursery admission will make the admissions more complex. It was in 2011 that ‘point system’ was introduced and child scored points based on various parameters one of which is the distance of the school from child’s residence. 20-40% points were awarded on the basis of distance i.e., preference will be given to a child who lives near to the school in which he is getting admitted.

As the …» Continue Reading: How the Court’s Verdict will affect your Kid’s Nursery School Admission?

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Some Simple Yet Effective Fancy Dress Ideas for All

Yes the whole year will fall short if we take a look at the days we have to dress up for some occasion or the other. Adults and kids alike have to dress up for all kind of events. But the most loved one by all is the fancy dress event! Indian fancy dress events are very colorful and enjoyable at various occasions.

A fancy dress event primarily needs ideas, which should be unique, easy and kid friendly. Next comes the costume which needs to be assembled for that particular idea. Accessories follow next. All this makes it very interesting for the kids who love fancy dress and start preparing well in advance. The fancy dress …» Continue Reading: Fancy Dress Ideas

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Ideas for Packing Lunch for Kids – Daycare / School Goers

With a fast paced and hectic life that people have adopted, it seems very difficult to pay attention towards the health and food of the kids who remain out of their homes for seven to eight hours.

It is must for every parent to watch what their children eat while they are out of their homes. As kids are very fussy over food, they need to be given something very interesting and healthy everyday in their lunch boxes. Although children do not understand the need for healthy foods, it is the parent’s way of providing them great recipes for kid’s lunch box that make them healthy and fit.

Food is the …» Continue Reading: Great tiffin Ideas for kids

postheadericon Prominent Schools in Navi Mumbai

These days most parents are looking out for excellent educational institutes for their children. All they want is to have their child to mould well both in curricular as well as co-curricular activities. Navi Mumbai, known as one of the largest planned cities in the country vouches for best educational institutes.

If we run through the Navi Mumbai schools list, you can come across some of the best schools, which are not just doing well in the city alone but are set up in different parts of the country as well. Delhi public school (DPS) nestled in Nerul, Navi Mumbai offers one of the best educational platforms for the child. The school takes care of the child’s holistic development, and offers studies and …» Continue Reading: Prominent Schools in Navi Mumbai

postheadericon Sex Education for Kids


“Start it early”, is what the experts have to tell the parents when it comes to educating their kids on sex. Kids have a natural curiosity about the changes in their bodies while they are growing. Once they are six years old, they tend to take a keen interest in the opposite sex. Parents should be open to discuss about sex with their kids at this age. Starting the topic early can help you to overcome many embarrassing questions. Open communication about sex education helps and younger kids open up to parents and ask parents about their doubts regarding sex.

Sex education at home

Home is the most secured place for kids, and parents are the most loved persons. They believe and respect …» Continue Reading: Sex Education for Kids